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The habits of those who become successful investors.

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You should have the sole objective of earning as much money as you can in your life, achieving financial freedom thanks to real estate.
Becoming rich is the most common ambition among us, and it is absolutely achievable if you acquire the right tools and habits.
I can say with certainty that nowadays it is much easier to become free financially thanks to the information we find on the web and to the numerous examples that come to us directly in the social media.
Many years ago things were a bit ‘more complicated and at most you could read some books to “steal” the secrets and habits of a successful investor.
Let’s see what are …..

Reinvest or squander?

Most people have very different habits in relation to money.
I have known many successful investors before selling my 10 real estate agencies to devote myself to investment only, and I can say that I have seen people completely squander the proceeds of every single operation successfully concluded.

From the purchase of cars of 70000 euros and passes to extra luxury travel and gifts to various lovers.
All they earn is spent and it is in my opinion right if you think that tomorrow you “die” and you are not there anymore, but it is not acceptable if one intends to live for a long time ….

It is right to dedicate a part of the profits to enjoy the material pleasures of life, but at the same time if you want to build an empire you must accumulate and reinvest your money.
There are those who, like me, did it by buying many properties to make them income.
What would have happened if I had spent everything after 12 years?
Today I should always “work” to keep my vices unrestrained.

The fact is that the money made seriously are those earned in the medium and long term.
The vast majority of wealthy people organize their finances in such a way as to increase their net assets year after year.

They are patient, persevering and have a very strict self-control.

Hurry or patience ??
The formula to make millions of euros easily in one shot is not suitable for those who start investing in the brick.

Being in a hurry to earn the first million euros is a very dangerous obstacle.
It’s like a video game and you have to do all the levels of difficulty to get to the final battle.

You can not start from the last level because you would be done in small pieces and devoured in a few moments.
It is necessary to take the habit of acting for steps that must be easily reached and gradually increase in level.

Small house to rearrange at the beginning and buildings at the end of the games.

There are no shortcuts.

Becoming a successful investor calmly is not difficult, but that’s not the point.
The basic part to get rich with the real estate is the person you have to become to put aside the money and reinvest them once they start entering your pockets.

Otherwise you are poor before you start and poor become every time you waste your money.

You have to get to the point that even if you suddenly stop investing your planting, it will guarantee steady and important revenue every month for the rest of your days.
How can something like this happen if you do not have a clear initial strategy ??

Habits here is what they are. “Financial” lifestyle that you have to copy from those who succeed even before accumulating money.

Never rely on luck with brick.
You can not foresee a fire, an explosion, a flood.
Do you know that an explosion in your property can cause damage to things or worse the death of other people and you in a second you will lose all your assets ??

Make sure against bad luck if you want to call it.

You can not save on an insurance premium, if anything, save on car options !!!

Luck is often a belief and has nothing to do with the accidents that can happen in your property.

When you begin to accumulate money and property defend against external aggressions such as the State or legal actions by third parties.
Consult with a professional expert in the property or trust funds (I have created an advanced course in this regard that gives different advice on the subject) and together elaborate a strategic plan to protect your “sacrifices” from future aggressions especially tax.

Well I wanted to introduce you to the main habits of a rich investor.
Now that you know them if you have not yet become rich, you know what awaits you on the other side.
Start immediately to create the problem by starting to test your skills in the sector without stress and with small steps.

You will understand by yourself if the buildings will be the channel to get to the wealth.
If you will not be able or you will not like it, you’ll even have to do it with other profitable activities.

Remember that staying in the financial situation in which you are not mandatory is that today there are valid information and tools to shorten the growth time.

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